Big Ideas Math App Reviews

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Takes so long to save your work and load up the homework

My maybe teacher hates me

Me no good at maths me no like app

Sad times

This ting doesn’t work I can’t open up the books. Sad times man... sad times 😭

I don’t see any real problem here.

All of these reviews have bad ratings, but I think it’s ok overall.



This app doo doo

This app doo doo It smells And it don’t work home dog And it don’t even let you log in homie


Heck this app


I used to love this app and website but whatever you guys updated completely messed it up I can’t even download book at all the book I need to have for homework please go back to old big ideas math website and app



Doesn’t load, worthless app...

Doesn’t even deserve 1 stars.

The app is bad

Am only not liking it because I don’t like math

I’m a hater


This is crap

Nothing works

Just Awful

The books stay downloading forever. Total piece of junk.


Books are stuck in constant download, rendering the app unusable. Please fix!

Can't download books

The text books won't download within my app, rendering it useless. If this bug gets fixed, the app will be great!

BS (baloney sandwich)

The books are not downloading. Yes I've tried everything.



Won't let me log in

Every time I try to log in, the app crashes. Yep. That's exactly what I want, is an app that crashes every time I log in. Thanks a lot.

Grab the noose

This app makes me want to hang myself


Thought I could do my math homework in here, turns out it's only textbooks:((((


I downloaded it hoping I could do my homework, but I can't. 😡

I like it

10/1 just like life; too deep #blessed #relatable

I have to delete it every day and re download it to make it work

Yeah I wished our school still used paper text books

Cv can

Awful can't draw or add text while zoomed in 0 stars if could

Garbage/ Dookie

Nothing good about this company. Really trash.

Can I get a library??

"Please wait as we update your library." How would you feel if all reviews just said, "Please wait as we update review," but it never load? You'd be pretty ticked. 4 MONTHS AND IT STILL WON'T UPDATE MY LIBRARY AND I NEED IT FOR CLASS!!!!

Won't load

I wish this worked! I input my login & it doesn't load.

Won't finish loading

My problem is that I could log on but this won't finish loading it has been loading for like 5 minutes

Nice Book, If Only I Could Open It…

I downloaded my Algebra II book; I was rather excited to finally have an offline book, then it wouldn't open.

Can't log in

I use the website for Big Ideas Math on a daily basis for the 3 different Big Ideas textbooks that I teach from. Love all the options. I was thrilled to see an app for Big Ideas Maths; thought it would pair great with the Apple TV in the classroom. Whether I am at school or home, I receive a 'COD00 Connection Error' as soon as I log in and I am asked to try again later (I have, multiple times). It does not matter if I log in using a teacher account or a student account. Please fix.

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